Ship Wrecked review by Paul Monkhouse

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THE HOUSE of Burlesque provided the perfect antidote to all the recent rain with a show that shone and sparkled with sunshine and warmth. For two hours, the packed audience was transported to a tropical desert island filled with glamour, comedy and music. Whilst Burlesque is undoubtedly exotic, erotic and very bawdy it is never tacky, far from it in fact. With tongues firmly placed in cheeks, what we’re provided with is a show that manages to balance some outstanding physical comedy with a real elegance and sensuality.

From the opening moment, Miss Tempest Rose and her cast had the audience in the palm of their hands and the genuine interaction and feel-good factor was reminiscent of the atmosphere of a pantomime (albeit a very adult and sophisticated one). Miss Rose was absolutely superb as the evening’s MC, mixing great allure, wit and a terrific singing voice with her immense charm and genuine warmth. A virtual cornucopia of delights was paraded in front of us with one show stopping performance after another delighting the audience. As well as some stunning dance it was the comedy that really hit home, with Audacity Chutzpah’s very, very funny ‘Rule Britannia’ and Angel/Peggy Sued’s incredibly hilarious acrobatic routines that truly brought the house down.

Burlesque has been thrilling audiences for many years now and seeing ‘Ship Wrecked’ you can certainly see why. It might not be “all good clean fun” but it’s not meant to be. What it is though is one of the most fun filled evenings you could have out at the theatre. An utterly glorious confection.