Sheer, naked brilliance

Triumph Street 2013
Triumph Street 2013
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Both versions of the Street Triple are Triumph’s biggest sellers both in the UK and all over the world. So, what is it that this UK bike has that others don’t?

Nakeds have become the most popular form of motorcycle, so why are we so infatuated with these bikes?

The simple answer probably lies in their raw power and very cool looks. The Triumph Street Triple comes top of the pile because it just does everything a street bike should without any complaints. It looks fantastic, has a brilliant and powerful engine and doesn’t cost the earth either. We look here at the raunchier version of the two, the 2013 Triumph Street Triple.

The Street Triple R is amazing value at just £7,699 which considering just how good this bike is; it isn’t a whole heap of money. This is the hotter, sportier version of the superb standard Triumph Street Triple which retails at £6,999 and doesn’t have the R’s fully adjustable suspension. ABS is a further £350 option.

How Does It Handle? In a word, brilliantly. Whether you are pointing and squirting around town or dicing along a country B-road, the new Triumph Street Triple R has the power, balance and increased agility to make your ride just the best fun you can have on two wheels. Even track-day enthusiasts will find this bike a truly rewarding experience and not in anyway overshadowed by the more exotic race-bred machinery that these events usually attract.

The Street Triple R features the legendary 675cc engine that develops a thrusting 97bhp and allied to the bike’s lightness and compact nature, the power to weight ratio is even better than its predecessor. Triumph has shaved 6kg off the previous bike’s weight. The wheels are lighter, as is the new swing arm and under-slung silencer. The power is still there when you want it. It is a really punchy unit with a flat torque curve. The steering is lighter and more agile with an adjustable suspension that works so well.

Even on longer journeys where you would expect a naked model to become uncomfortable and tiresome, the Street Triple R confounds the stereotype by providing one of the best riding positions with its new seat and handle bar configuration.

The Triumph Street Triple R may have been around for a while but the new 2013 version has done the impossible and improved an already fabulous bike even further. This bike will continue to put huge smiles on the faces of those lucky enough to own one. If you are in the market for a middle-weight naked, you won’t have to look any further than the 2013 Triumph Street Triple R.


PRICE: £7,699 (£8,049 with ABS)

ENGINE: 675cc liquid-cooled, in-line three-cylinder, 12 valve four-stroke, dohc

WEIGHT: 183kg (Wet)


POWER: 97bhp

TANK SIZE: 17.4 litres