Corporate day enjoy plentiful hauls

Larkwood had some nice fish taken last week, with the best being a beautiful Brown trout of around 4lbs caught by Barry Allen on a weekend corporate day.

Another notable fish was a 6.5lb rainbow caught by season ticket holder Brian Hobbs.

We have had lots of fish showing near the surface despite the bright weather, these can be caught on dry flies such as Daddy Long Legs, especially late in the afternoon.

Other good flies include black buzzer or bloodworm. Regular angler Lloyd Thompson has also had a good week with numerous fish being taken on small natural imitations fished on an intermediate line, just sub-surface.

Larkwood is looking forward to some good buzzer hatches in the Autumn.

An unusual visitor this week was a late mayfly hatch from West Stow Lake, which was promptly grabbed by a dragonfly - a short life made even shorter.

Larkwood’s tuition days are oversubscribed at the moment so please give plenty of notice if you would like to take part on the courses, ring Ian 07776 370348.

n Fishing has improved at Blackdyke trout fishery, the fish have spread out all around the lake.

Lures in various styles and colours are taking most fish.

Top rod this week was Darren Lee in his float tube with 23 fish to the net.

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