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Nostalgia page pictures.
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10 years ago

English literature lessons at King Edward V1 School were split into single sex lessons as an experiment to try and improve grades.

The move was part of the project to give Year 11 students more freedom to express themselves and applied to poetry and the novel elements of the English literature curriculum.

Headteacher Geoff Barton said at the time that the move was not to create a single sex culture in a mixed sex school but to enable pupils to feel confident and able to express their views.

He said that students were interested in the idea which teachers in the English department had put forward.

25 years ago

Motorists were amazed to be flagged down by police across the county only to receive praise for their driving.

Motorists were handed certificates after police had observed their driving as part of the Drive Alive campaign by Suffolk police sponsored by Shell to encourage good driving.

50 years ago

The managed of Barclays Bank in Brandon and his head clerk retired within weeks of each other after long service at the bank.

Mr W Coote retired after 43 years service and Mr E Dawson after 42 years,

Both men had also been schoolfriends and played in the football and cricket teams.