Is it Thriller? No, it’s Zumba

Zumba Flashmob in Thetford Tesco
Zumba Flashmob in Thetford Tesco
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SHOCKED late night shoppers were given a rousing wake-up call on Wednesday after a dance ‘flash mob’ pitched up at a supemarket.

More than 50 fitness fans danced till midnight as part of a spontaneous Zumba routine at Tesco in Thetford as part of a national competition.

In scenes reminiscent of a film musical, the stunt saw dancers, dressed in casual clothes, suddenly break out into a routine that was filmed for a Zumba competition.

Instructor Lou Freezer said there were a few surprised faces in the aisles.

“We had a really good crowd watching us and some were saying ‘what’s going on over there?’ People were really enjoying it,” she said.

To have a look at the final video, visit!/zumbaloulou