have a tidy up to impress buyers when they view

Cameron Ewer of Strutt & Parker
Cameron Ewer of Strutt & Parker
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Homeowners trying to sell their properties are jeopardising any potential sale by failing to keep the place clean, according to new research.

Property services company Move with Us says messy homes are putting off nearly a quarter of prospective buyers from taking the plunge.

The survey of more than 100 independent estate agents also shows that almost a third of residential properties in the UK are untidy when buyers arrive to view them, with sellers seemingly unwilling to pick up the hoover or put away the dishes.

Cameron Ewer from Strutt & Parker’s Cambridge office said: “It is important to make sure the basics are covered when selling your home. Owners who are failing to carry out the most simple of tasks such as making sure their property is clean and tidy ahead of viewings are missing a trick”.

Away from clutter, a separate poll highlights how outside influences like neighbours and council decisions are a key concern among home owners nationwide.

The survey reveals that one in four homeowners are worried about the potential impact of disruptive neighbours or the council granting planning permission to build something detrimental in the nearby vicinity.

Both factors can considerably reduce the value of a property, as well as putting off prospective buyers coming to have a look around.

In addition, nearly half of homeowners rate general maintenance, such as fixing drains and roofs, as their top concern. They worry about not having enough spare cash if necessary repairs are needed.

Ewer added: “Owning a home can be expensive– and unfortunately paying for wear and tear goes with the territory.”