Fast-paced, frantic and French

I'm and Aristcrat, Get me Out of Here
I'm and Aristcrat, Get me Out of Here
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I’m an Aristocrat, Get Me Out of Here, Gonzo Moose Theatre Company, Theatre Royal, April 5.

A fast-paced and swashbuckling production, I’m an Aristcrat is terrific fun.

Starring Abigail Anderson, Mark Conway and Jonathan Peck, the play, is set in Paris in 1792 as revolution grips the country. The terror of the guillotine reigns over the land as an underground movement, the brilliantly named Les Petit Pois, attempt to bring down the ruling powers and restore freedom to France.

Evil Citizen De Rien, head of the secret police, plots to discover the identity of the leader of this group, Le Grande Pois.

The three actors play more than 20 roles between them, using lightening-fast costume changes.

The production is as funny as it is frantic, using a clever set made out of scaffolding that takes the audience from the drab jails of revolutionary France to the marital bed of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.

It is a play of contrasts, one minute the audience is gripped by the evil plans of De Rein, the next crying with laughter at two jail guards who are driven to ballroom dance through the boredom of their work.

I’m an Aristocrat keeps you laughing and enthralled in equal measure -– all at break-neck speed. AH