Ed Sheeran wows the forest crowds

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If ever an audience deserved a round of applause, it was last night.

The rain bucketed down on Ed Sheeran’s fans at High Lodge - but the Framlingham-based Ivor Novello Award winner kept them in the palm of his hand with a withering performance.

Sheeran has a limited back catalogue. His debut + seems to find another great single every few months but that’s the sum total of his album output.

The flame-haired acoustic aficianado borrowed from some other areas - notably Nina Simone on a moody, jazz number - and the crowd loved every minute.

Sheeran’s stagecraft is good for a relatively young star. He is just 21, but the way he worked the 8,000-strong Thetford audience from the opening track belied those tender years.

Critics have moaned about a lack of edginess in Sheeran’s work. Others that the singer crops up everywhere including the Queen’s Jubilee concert.

Thankfully there was no Rolf Harris at Thetford but the hits were there - Lego House got the crowd really singing, Small Bump was instantly recognisable along with You Need Me, I Don’t Need You. My favourite was Drunk, which Sheeran belted out with raw urgency. His encore, The A Team, was left just a couple of tracks too late for my liking - perhaps the raindrops down my back had clouded my judgment by then.

But more importantly, Ed - good luck with that difficult second album.