Aliens all set to invade Suffolk in ‘strange’ film

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SUFFOLK will witness an invasion by aliens this year.

But have no fear, they come in the form of a 90-minute film created from the imagination of Needham Market producer David Elmer.

And he aims to submit the first offering from his Elmjoy Productions company to the world-famous Cannes film festival in March and to other festivals around the world.

But local people will not have so far to travel. The film, Insolitus Eventus (Latin for Strange Events) will be screened for the first time in the UK at Westhorpe village hall on Friday, March 23, as part of fund-raising for a new building.

The film is set in Suffolk, with Stowmarket and Needham Market both getting roles. A building on Needham Market’s Lion Barn Industrial Estate is said to be the exterior of Ipswich Marine Institute, while Stowmarket Veterinary Group provides offices for two other scenes.

David, 31, once employed in an Elmswell chicken factory and now working in information technology, became interested in film production when he appeared in 2010 on Channel 4’s Big Brother Little Brother programme which had two million viewers when shown on E4.

Insolitus Emeritus has a cast of 15 and a main production team of five, but with David as writer, director and in charge of the screenplay. The cast was recruited after he placed a notice on the Star Now website. The film has no budget and the cast is on deferred contracts.

The science fiction film is a dream come true for David – he once dreamed of an alien invasion.

Production began in May last year, with only some dialogue work to be finished this month before it is completed – including the aliens which have been created by David using computer technology.

The plot: Marine biologist Dr Will Davis’ life is turned upside down when a freak meteor shower unleashes a global threat. Will must become the hero and leader the human race needs.

David warns that it ends on a ‘shocking cliffhanger”.