Fill her up, Jeeves – Bentley trials fuel delivery for owners

Fill her up, Jeeves – Bentley trials fuel delivery for owners
Fill her up, Jeeves – Bentley trials fuel delivery for owners

App-based service could mean no more visits to the filling station

See how far you can make it through this one without rolling your eyes. Bentley is trialling a service whereby someone will come and fill your car with fuel for you.

Yes, Bentley owners previously had to fill up at petrol stations like everyone else. Hard to believe, really, isn’t it?

The trial is operating in San Francisco, where an app called Filld for Bentley (groan) allows the city’s Bentley drivers to summon fuel “wherever and whenever they require”. According to Bentley’s Christophe Georges, this gives them “the greatest luxury of all: more time.”

How much of this it takes between placing an order and your fuel actually showing up is yet to be ascertained. But that could become irrelevant anyway; future versions of the app will be able to monitor the level in your car’s tank and order up a refill without you having to lift a finger.

Filld co-founder Christopher Aubuchon hopes that one day the service his company offers will put an end to the days of calling into petrol stations.

In the meantime, if Bentley’s customers like what they’re getting (the service, not the fuel; that’s kind of a given), a global roll-out would appear to be the obvious conclusion.

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