DS adds contactless payment to car keys

DS adds contactless payment to car keys
DS adds contactless payment to car keys

September marks 10 years since contactless payment was introduced to the UK.

Initial uptake was fairly slow but the last couple of years have seen a huge jump in its use, with shoppers turning to contactless bank cards as well as mobile phone systems such as Android Pay and Apple Pay.

Now drivers are being offered another way to embrace the “tap to pay” technology as DS Automobiles adds it to its DS 3 model.

The French car maker has teamed up with bPay to be the first in the country to integrate the payment system into the key fob of one of its cars.

As part of the specification for the DS 3 Connected Chic, the key fob will be loaded with an RFID chip to allow drivers to use it to make payments.

Like other forms of contactless tech, it will be linked to the owner’s bank account, have a £30 transaction limit and be accepted at almost half a million locations around the country. So you’ll be able to pay for your petrol, groceries or other essentials with just a tap of the key.

DS managing director, Mark Blundell, comments: At DS we’re always looking at how we can credibly complement our customers’ active lifestyles, where staying connected and being able to easily interact with the world is key. With the combination of connectivity features integrated in DS 3 Connected Chic models, and the ability to make those must-have purchases by using one integrated device – with the DS contactless payment car key – we really feel we have achieved this.”

As well as the innovative payment method, the £15,775 DS 3 Connected Chic offers integrated sat nav, Mirror Link and Apple CarPlay connectivity and 17-inch diamond-cut alloys.


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