Living with the DS 3 Performance

Living with the DS 3 Performance
Living with the DS 3 Performance

Ooops… the turbo has had another tantrum

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you’re pulling out of a busy junction in your hot hatch, with impatient folk behind you, and the power you (and they) were expecting to arrive suddenly isn’t there?

We have, with our DS 3 THP 210 S&S Performance Black long-termer. You’re expecting the full turbo package of 210bhp but all you’re getting is the weedy output of a normally-aspirated 1.6. And just for extra fun, it can happen at any time, so you’re never sure when you might get rear-ended.

The first time our DS 3 came down with this ailment (yes, it’s happened before) DS technicians sorted it out by replacing the turbo’s electric valve.

This time around, that fix didn’t work. DS is now saying that the issue will be remedied (and the turbo restored to full health) by the fitment of a new exhaust gas sensor. We’re not sure about that. We took the car to a local garage for a quick plug-in to the diagnostic computer and it said the fault was related to a ‘turbo boost sensor’, which is something else again.

Luckily, it seems to be possible to fix things on a temporary basis at least by giving the car a bit of a beasting, making us wonder if some kind of clogging-up process is going on somewhere. Certainly we had no problems with it on a track day.

Online research hasn’t produced much evidence of this being a common problem so we’re giving our car the benefit of the doubt at the moment. Still, it’s disappointing for this to have happened twice because it rather puts the damper on what is otherwise a brilliant enthusiast’s hatch. It’s annoying to be missing out on the DS 3’s prime attribute.

Anyway, after a two-week investigation process we’re about to get the car back and test DS’s claim that it is indeed fixed. We don’t have much time left on our long-term test, so we’re really hoping it is.

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