Records fall at Development Championships

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Stowmarket Swimming Club gained more than 100 personal best times as 36 swimmers took part in the Suffolk Development Championships at Newmarket.

The 36 swimmers raced in a total of 156 swims, gaining 110 personal best times, with 20 of the youngsters taking home 53 medals. The team came fourth out of 13 teams overall.

Most notably, Lewis Chapman (13) was eighth overall and gained gold in the 100m backstroke (one minute and 16.94 seconds) and 200m freestyle (2:27.82 seconds). Emily Wallace (15) was 16th girl and came first in the 50m freestyle (31.67seconds).

Be thany Levett (12) an S9 disability swimmer, gained four golds and a bronze, all with pbs while Finlay Middleton (13) an S8 swimmer gained three golds also with pbs, both swimming alongside their able bodied competitors.

Medal winners - Girls: Emily Wallace 15, 1st 50m freestyle 31.67s, 2nd 100m IM 01:21.62, 2nd 50m breaststroke 43.64s, 3rd 200m IM 02:57.23. Manon Everard 14, 1st 50m butterfly 38.57s, 1st 50m freestyle 33.08s, 3rd 100m freestyle 01:13.37.

Evie Prager 11, 2nd 100m IM 01:29.26, 2nd 50m breaststroke 43.84s, 3rd 100m breaststroke 01:38.68, 3rd 200m breaststroke 03:32.06. Hannah Chevin 10, 1st 100m breaststroke 01:22.17, 2nd 200m breaststroke 32.67s, 3rd 50m backstroke 37.93s. Beanie Spain 13, 2nd 50m butterfly 01:23.81, 2nd 100m butterfly 01:48.82, 3rd 200m butterfly 03:11.59.

Hannah Champion 15, 3rd 100m IM 03:49.40, 3rd 50m freestyle 44.01s.

Alice King 10, 3rd 50m butterfly 55.80s; Ella Dootson 12, 3rd 50m breaststroke 45.74s; Jessica Long 17, 3rd 200m breaststroke 03:19.31.

Boys: Lewis Chapman 13, 1st 100m backstroke 01:16.94, 1st 200m freestyle 02:27.82, 2nd 200m backstroke 02:43.82, 3rd 200m IM 02:51.20, 3rd 50m backstroke 35.94s.

William Handley 13, 2nd 100m breaststroke 01:26.98, 3rd 200m breaststroke 03:09.02, 3rd 100m IM 01:17.51, 3rd 100m freestyle 01:09.52, 3rd 50m breaststroke 39.73s.

Jack Chevin 13, 2nd 200m IM 02:49.84, 2nd 50m freestyle 30.97s, 2nd 50m butterfly 37.23s; Matthew Debenham 11, 1st 100m breaststroke 01:35.81, 2nd 100m butterfly 01:27.66; Isaac Bachu 13, 1st 50m butterfly 36.75s, 3rd 50m freestyle 31.15s; Nick Borrett 14, 1st 50m breaststroke 38.94s, 2nd 200m Freestyle 02:17.13; Luca Clarke 13, 2nd 100m backstroke 01:17.99; 3rd 200m backstroke 02:44.96; Aidan Coe 15, 1st 50m butterfly 31.73s; Joshua Edwards 15, 2nd 50m butterfly 32.04s.

Disability swimmers: Bethany Levett (S9) 12, 1st 100m freestyle 01:41.28, 1st 100m backstroke 02:01.59, 1st 200m IM 04:57.16, 1st 100m breaststroke 03:35.48, 3rd 50m freestyle 44.18s; Finlay Middleton 13, 1st 200m IM 03:18.39, 1st 100m backstroke 01:36.25, 1st 100m freestyle 01:27.97