Personal best times keep coming

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The personal bests (pbs) kept coming when Thetford 
Dolphins Swimming Club 
hosted the first of their 
biannual open meets.

Dolphins swimmers competed against entrants from Norfolk Vikings, Chatteris, UEA Norwich, Mildenhall, Cambridge, West Suffolk, Hunstanton, Leiston, Dereham, March and West Norfolk at Waterwold.

There were 127 pbs achieved from 209 swims by the Dolphins and a club record from Dan Collins in the 100m backstroke.

The following swimmers were to be commended for achieving pbs in every event entered: Alex Clark-Massey, Alfie King, Archie Grove, Charlie Trowell, Daniel Clark, Eryn Freeman, Georgia Mason, Georgina Dickenson, Isabelle Ketteringham, Jasmine Brown, Jessica Lumley, Jessica Wainwright, Katharine Mold, Madison Sargeant, Sam Worsnop and Zoe Pettit.

Dolphins swimmers gaining top three places in their age groups were:

Nine-year-olds: Emma Malcolm (third 50m backstroke and butterfly); Alice Fasey (third 50m breaststroke, freestyle, 100m IM).

10-year-olds: Alfie King (first 50m backstroke and freestyle, second 50m breaststroke, butterfly, 100m IM); Daniel Clark (first 50m breaststroke, butterfly, 100m IM, second 50m freestyle and backstroke); Ross Clarke, (third 50m freestyle).

11-year-olds: Georgina Dickenson (first 50m breaststroke, freestyle, 100m IM, second 50m backstroke, butterfly); Katharine Mold (second 100m IM, third 50m freestyle); Madaline Rolph, second 50m breaststroke, third 100m IM); Tom Collins (first 50m backstroke, freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly, 100m IM).

12-year-olds: Elena Armes (second 100m butterfly); Madison Sargeant (first 100m breaststroke, second 100m freestyle and IM, third 100m backstroke).

13-year-olds: Alex Darton (second 100m freestyle, third 100m backstroke and IM); Dan Collins (first 100m backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly, IM); Georgina Free (third 100m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle); Heidi Last (second 100m backstroke, third 100m IM); Jacob Clarke, second 100m backstroke, third 100m butterfly); Macaulay Harvey (second 100m breaststroke, butterfly, IM).

14-year-olds: Alexandra Ashley (second 100m butterfly, third 100m backstroke); Amie Copp (first 100m breaststroke and IM, third 100m freestyle); Connor Shoat (second 100m backstroke, butterfly, freestyle and IM); Oliver Mold (third 100m freestyle); Polly Plampin (third 100m IM).

15-year-olds: Grace McGill (first 100m backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle, IM); Luke Collins (first 100m breaststroke, third 100m backstroke and IM); Ruby Last (second 100m backstroke, butterfly, freestyle, third 100m breaststroke and IM).