Medals for Spectrum

Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
Latest sports news from the Bury Free Press
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The girls from Bury Spectrum competed amazingly well in the Eastern Counties Acrobatic Gymnastics regional championships to come away with a host of medals in Luton.

National Level 1: under-10s: Connie Shaw (third); National Level 2: under-10s: Aimee Morris (third); National Level 3: under-10s: Courtney Davey (first); National Level 3: over-11s: Phoebe Maddever (third); National Level 4: under-11s: Lucy Robinson (first), Gwendolyn Gallagher (second) Jessica Marshall (third); National Level 4: over-13s: Zoe Winter (first), Jessica Williams (third); National Level 5: under-12s: Milly Richards (first), Jennifer Dahl (second), Kati Masson (third); National level 5: under-14s: Megan Vowles (second).