We’re the villains

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I was disappointed to read the letter ‘Crows are a menace’ (Bury Free Press, June 1).

The idea that somehow one type of bird or animal should be protected and is ‘good’ because it is pretty, or small, or sings sweetly, while another is ‘bad’ because it is big and ugly and preys on the young of other species , is frankly ludicrous.

The crow family are among the most intelligent of birds, possessing real problem solving abilities which rival primates.

They, and all the creatures on this planet have evolved to fit a niche perfectly, according to nature and are all beautiful in their own way. The real villains are human beings, who distort and pollute the natural environment out of greed.

There may well be something in the idea that road kill could unnaturally increase populations of scavenging animals but again, that is down to us.

Perhaps we should look closer to home, however, and consider the thousands of pet cats we allow to roam free in our gardens and neighbourhoods, creating a complete imbalance, as there would never be as many wild predators in the same area naturally.

We all have a responsibility to protect our natural environment which includes all the creatures in it, including the ones we don’t like.

Mark Sutcliffe

Bury St Edmunds.