Thanks to all involved in Big Street Dance

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Through your newspaper, the Churchgate Showcase Committee would like to thank all those people who, in spite of the inclement weather, contributed to our area’s Big Street Dance on Saturday, July 14.

Our aim is to encourage whole-community events, involving businesses and residents, to promote and celebrate the historic core of our town, which is one of the areas that is bypassed as a result of the arc to park trail.

We should like to thank all those involved in enabling a happy and enjoyable weekend of dance: Suffolk Celebrates, Bid4Bury, the borough council and the Tourist Information Centre for their financial support; the Rehearsal Rooms and Bury Fringe for their sound, music and stage management; the schools’ groups, dancers and entertainers who gallantly carried on in spite of the rain; sponsors, stallholders, donors of goods for sale, cake-makers, stewards and helpers – we wish to thank them all. Especial thanks go to our distinguished Rwandan visitors, athletes and dancers, who made the occasion so special, and to members of the public who visited us on the day, attended a lively barn dance in the evening and completed the weekend with an elegant tea dance.

Thank you to everyone, and to those who have discovered our area, its shops and its businesses for the first time, please come again.

Marian Shaw,

Chairman, Churchgate Showcase Committee.