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As a biannual visitor from North Wales, to Hopton, Suffolk, I am interested in comparing various public sectors which have been devolved to the Welsh Assembly Government to their counterparts in England administered by Westminster.

In your issue of June 15, you published a report on your front page entitled Schools switch causing ‘chaos’ in which your readership learnt Helen Wilson, principal of Thurston Community College who helped spearhead a switch to two tier schooling has hit out at the ‘chaotic situation’ now surrounding the move.

She says uncertainty over a proposed Free School and potential changes to school transport are undermining the 2014 transition.

Michael Gove’s educational fiefdom only extends to Offa’s Dyke, thank goodness – we don’t have Free Schools in Wales, education being devolved power.

Free Schools are divisive and a drain on state schools. The school losing pupils to the Free School having less to spend on pupils as they also have the fabric of their buildings to maintainand to cover the administration costs insurance etc, which will not diminish in proportion to the pupils lost.

Free Schools get a sum of money direct from the Ministry of Education to adapt the chosen building to a school,and they also get money direct from the Government to run it. It seems groups of pushy parents who disapprove of what, or how , their local state school is teaching the children are being pandered to.

Trefor Davies,

c/o High Street,