Please show respect to Luke’s memorial

Luke southgate memorial on howard
Luke southgate memorial on howard
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Living in St Olaves Road, I often have cause to visit St Olaves precinct where a memorial to young Luke Southgate, who lost his life serving in Afghanistan, has been set up. I usually find myself picking up litter in various forms, but Friday last saw me picking up a takeaway food container which was being fought over by several crows. Obviously this had been discarded amongst various empty cans, sweet wrappers etc with absolutely no thought or consideration for the dignity the site deserves. There is no excuse for such disrespect being shown, particularly as there is a waste bin but a couple of yards away. I would hasten to add that the bin I am referring to was nearly full up (which only goes to show that some people are making an effort) but in no way excuses those responsible for desecrating this memorial.

Brian Davies,

St Olaves Road,

Bury St Edmunds.