Pet shop’s a vole model

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I just want to say a big thanks to staff at Millpets, in St John’s Street, Bury St Edmunds.

There was a tame rodent walking around the shop floor which we believed to be a gerbil – maybe someone’s pet?

We caught the friendly chappie who was not fazed by human contact, however, we had no cage to put him in.

Millpets happily loaned us a cage, drinking bottle, bedding and food until we found a home for it or its owner.

I took the rodent to the vets to confirm what it was before phoning around and putting up missing posters. To my surprise, and a lot of other people, it turned out to be a vole.

I took the advice of the vets and released the chappie back into the wild.

Thank you Millpets for loaning us the basics to see this little creature through the day. This is a fantastic example of how good our independent retailers are.

Martyn Willingham,

via email.