Keep drains maintained

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I read the letter on flooding by neighbour Alan Murdie, with interest (Bury Free Press, June 1). It brought to mind the incidences of excessive storm water being a regular problem, many years ago, in Fornham Road. This was remedied with storm water drains being installed.

What with the recent downpours, I could not help but notice that large volumes of rain water were once again in evidence along Fornham Road. I soon realised that the problem was that the storm drains were blocked with mud, weeds and debris (the weeds/grass was growing quite nicely). It is not rocket science that these drains need to be maintained regularly to be effective.

I am pleased to see that the storm drains have now (very recently) been cleaned, some may say ‘a little too late, but better late than never’.

What has happened to the storm drains nearer the traffic lights at the Tollgate junction area, I am not sure. Were they ‘inefficient’ and therefore removed? Were any installed in the first place? There will clearly be a continual problem with storm water pooling at this Norfolk Road junction, if left as it is.

Ian Smith,

Philip Road,

Bury St Edmunds.