Impotent to tackle crisis

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Cllr Anne Gower’s response to the ongoing discussion around affordable housing in Bury (Bury Free Press, February 8) is truly shocking, as she graphically illustrates social complacency, a lack of financial imagination and, critically, a lack of political determination, the lack of which I and other correspondents have previously accused the Tories of displaying.

A somewhat crude, but none-the-less accurate summary of Cllr Gower’s response, is that unlike Ipswich, who have demonstrated a true commitment to public housing provision by maintaining their council house stock, we Tories in Bury took a decision to offload ours to housing associations, thereby leaving us totally impotent as your elected representatives to tackle this crisis, apart from seeking to work with the housing associations and the private sector, to see what we can salvage.

I think this response falls under the category of ‘being hoisted by your own political petard’ Cllr Gower!

You now are unable to seriously address what you somewhat disingenuously claim to be a top priority for the council.

The truth is that the top priority for Tories remains the wholesale privatisation of council housing, the failed political dogma.

Richard Soer

Great Barton