Huge rates rise for shop is short-sighted

Charlotte West is closing her children's clothes shop, Millies, after her rates went up.
Charlotte West is closing her children's clothes shop, Millies, after her rates went up.
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What larks! Merely two weeks into the new year and our short-sighted public servants have conspired to extinguish the hard work and aspirations of another fledgling independent shop in the town centre Bury Free Press, January 13).

Well done chaps, as a result of your fine efforts a young lady’s livelihood is dashed and Council Tax-payers find themselves £1,200 a month worse off, with one more empty shop to stare at.

How many of us could lose our employers a potential £14,400 a year and still remain in a job? But I guess we live in a different world where we are held responsible for the consequences of our actions.

Splendid work all round – may I suggest everyone concerned is awarded a

new ‘Dot to Dot’ book so they can practise their joined-up thinking.

Keith Chapman,

Bury St Edmunds.

n I think it is disgraceful that Charlotte West has to stop trading because of the high rates in Bury St Edmunds.

This doesn’t encourage anyone to start up a business, especially young people.

This person probably got a loan to start this up.

Wake up Bury St Edmunds!

Trevor Watkin,

Bury St Edmunds.

n I read with dismay last week’s lead article.

Had the council and the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) put some energy into finding a solution the result would have benefited everyone.

The council would gain £1,200 per month in rates, Charlotte West’s business would have the opportunity to grow and employ more people, she would pay personal and business taxes and the high street would be more varied and viable.

Now all of that is lost and in contradiction with the Government’s professed policy to encourage retailers.

And what are the two protagonists doing about it? In a word, nothing.

The council is saying: “It’s nothing to do with us” and the Government department VOA is putting the shutters up and refusing to talk to anyone.

How disheartening.

Barry Robinson,

Church Street,