Dangerous consequence

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The council is ‘saving’ £4,500 per annum by closing the main cemetery gates on Hospital Road.

Over 52 weeks, this works out at a £12.36 saving a day. Therefore, it ‘costs’ £6.18 to open or close the main cemetery gates everyday.

But there is a more dangerous implication of this cash saving. Notwithstanding the walk up the hill to the side gate opposite the Priors pub, that the eldery, infirm or anyone else who wants to visit deceased relatives has to make, people are starting to park on the cemetery side of West Road, on the hill.

There is a serious accident waiting to happen here. If you travel from the West Road Water Tower, as the road starts downhill, the road kinks left and then right. The first bend is blind and there have been occasions when I have turned the corner only to find a parked car blocking my way.

If the council is serious about saving £12.36 per day by closing the main gates, then maybe the answer is to spend some of this money with double yellow lines to stop visitors parking in a dangerous manner this way. Otherwise, there could be an accident, the consequences of which are too tragic to consider.

Will Roney,

Abbot Road,

Bury St Edmunds.