Abandon all hope . . .

Central Walk arch, Bury St Edmunds
Central Walk arch, Bury St Edmunds
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I remember once walking through the narrow streets of the Italian town of Pisa and happening upon the serene sight of the Cathedral Square with its Leaning Tower. Now visitors to our town have an illuminated arched sign pointing them to Central Walk.

Is this a tree-lined avenue with bustling street cafes and independent traders selling their wares ? No : it’s more like a blind alley full of empty rhetoric from councilors and broken promises by the arc developers allowed to wriggle out of their commitment to provide a

proper link. And what a vista at the end of the Walk – a sinking roadway dubbed ‘the

ugliest street in town’, where you take your life in your hands to dodge cars flouting the ‘no entry’ provisions; rusting scaffolding, empty shop units , concrete loading bays, and a layby at Tesco used as a pitstop by boy-racers. Perhaps the illuminated sign should read ‘Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here’!

-- Keith Chapman, Bury St Edmunds