Worlington former speedway champion tells jury that alleged rape victim’s claims are ‘impossible’

Former King's Lynn Stars Speedway Rider Michael Lee ENGANL00120130910133051
Former King's Lynn Stars Speedway Rider Michael Lee ENGANL00120130910133051
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A former speedway champion on trial for alleged rape said his work left him too exhausted to continue the ‘adventurous’ sex life he once enjoyed.

Michael Lee, 55, told Ipswich Crown Court during evidence that he had purchased drugs to combat erectile dysfunction online because he found the issue too embarrassing to discuss with his GP.

Lee has denied charges of rape and assault causing actual bodily harm along with two offences of sexual assault.

He told the jury that claims made by an alleged victim that he took Viagra immediately before raping her were ‘impossible’.

He said: “I would have had to wait for at least half an hour or 45 minutes.”

Lee denied ever having anal sex with the woman without her full consent. He said the last time they had anal sex was at a hotel in London in December 2010.

The court has heard allegations that in December 2012 Lee, of Freckenham Road, Worlington, assaulted a woman in a toilet causing her actual bodily harm before raping her.

Lee told the jury that the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had injured herself by punching a wall during an ‘outburst of temper’.

He accused the woman of being emotionally disturbed.

Lee also faces two charges sexually assaulting another woman at a speedway end of season awards celebration.

It has been claimed that he put his hand up her dress at the Worlington Hall Hotel in November 2011.

The alleged victim of that offence said that when she turned around to see what was happening Lee was ‘laughing and grinning’.

Giving evidence from behind a screen the woman said: “I didn’t really know what to do. I was utterly shocked.”

The court heard that when speaking to police after his arrest Lee said: “I went up to her and squeezed her bum cheeks. I didn’t consider that as sexual. It was pure fun.”

Lee is a co-promotor of the Mildenhall Fen Tigers and former world speedway champion.

His trial continues.