Watchdog criticises Bury GP surgery for dispensary security

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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A doctors’ surgery has been criticised by health watchdogs for the layout of its dispensary.

Angel Hill Surgery in Bury St Edmunds is among the first to be inspected by the Care Quality Commission under new rules and the report published yesterday says it passed on every category except drugs safety and a minor staff training issue.

The CQC was concerned that the dispensary was in the same room as the reception area, so was open to all staff, not just dispensary staff.

It also said the door from it into the public areas was not locked and dispensary staff acting as ‘gatekeeper’ were also dealing with patients and dispensing information on computer.

The report added: “It would be possible for people to deliberately or accidently access the medicines dispensary area. This meant medicines could be removed from shelves without anyone knowing.”

The inspector was also concerned at a lack of temperature monitoring on a medicines fridge.

Paul Rayner, practice manager, said today : “There’s not a partition between that and the reception area but the problem is we’re in a Grade 2 listed building, so we’re working with the council on this issue.”

New regulations limit dispensary access to dispensary staff, where it used to be all staff.

Mr Rayner said the door is now locked from inside and the fridge monitoring had been tightened up.

See the CQC’s full report at