Village gets new signs after four year campaign

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Suffolk County Council has agreed to install new signs to Bacton after a four year campaign by villagers.

On Monday members of Bacton Parish Council met MP David Ruffley and Suffolk County Council’s Cabinet member for transport Graham Newman to see if a solution to the problem could be found.

Signs directing people to the village were taken down four years ago during the £32million restructuring of the A14 Haughley bends stretch and were never replaced.

Parish chairman Paul Howlett confirmed on Monday that new signs would be in place by the end of the year.

He said: “The meeting was very positive and had a good outcome for all parties concerned.

“At the time, Bacton was not asked or consulted on what signs we wanted - they just got taken away.

“It has affected businesses in our village because many people cannot find Bacton anymore.

“Businesses in the village have noticed a lower footfall and are finding it difficult.

“There are more than 70 busineses in Bacton and they are all being affected.

“We have been told that the county council signs will be in place by the end of the year and that theHighways Agency will put its signs up when they next close the road.

Both Mr Ruffley and Cllr Newman are writing to the Highways Agency to move the process along.

“It will be exciting to find out exactly when that will be.

“But overall it is very good news for the village.”

A Suffolk County Council spokeswoman said although signs were being put on the roads controlled by the council, signs on the A14 would rely on the Highways Agency to organise.

Councillor Newman said: “We believe that erecting the signs on the A14 will be most effective if done to coincide with the signs on the local roads and our priority now is pressing the Highways Agency to make this happen.”