Victoria bottom after dancing a cha cha cha

Victoria Pendleton began her Strictly Come Dancing campaign by performing the cha cha cha with professional partner Brendan Cole.

Victoria’s dance floor debut left her in a disappointing last place after judges awarded her only 16 points.

Our expert, Sian Couture, has analysed what went wrong and gives her opinion on what the Mildenhall Cycling Club gold member needs to do to keep her place in the competition.

She said: “Despite a disappointing first week performance there is still time for Victoria to show us her true champion spirit.

“Unfortunately, on Friday, after her first mistake Victoria found it hard to recover and focus, making for a hesitant and fragile overall performance.

“Hopefully, she can now put that behind her and take what she has learnt to strengthen her next performance.

“Although Victoria is a superb and highly trained sportswoman she is now tackling a completely new discipline.

“Dancing requires a unique set of skills that usually take years to learn and perfect.

“What these celebrities achieve in a matter of weeks is pretty amazing!

“On top of this there is the added pressure of doing it all in public.

“It is scary to perform in front of cameras, a live audience and millions of viewers.

“Whilst professional actors and singers are used to being in front of a camera Victoria is used to keeping her head down and pedalling furiously.

“Brendan appears to be supportive, I hope it’s genuine, it is a vital ingredient to a successful partnership.

“He choreographed quite a complicated routine which I think was an unnecessary worry for Victoria and the couple seemed to perform independently from each other.

“A simpler routine performed well, would have been more effective.

“This week I hope Victoria will relax and enjoy herself more, I think that she should forget worrying about her technique and concentrate on creating an artistic, sensitive and expressive quality with a touch of sexiness!”

Following the dance, judge Len Goodman told Victoria ‘it’s a little bit like the first time you rode a bike without stabilisers, a bit wobbly, but you got through it’.

Mr Goodman went on to reassure Victoria, telling her ‘you have great potential’.

Darcey Bussell told Victoria that considering her nerves had got the better of her the performance was ‘very impressive’ before advising her to wear lower heels in future weeks

Brendan Cole whisked Victoria off before sharp-tounged Craig Revel Horwood was able to give his opinion on their first performance.

When the judges revealed their scores, Craig awarded the pair three, Darcey four, Len five and Bruno four.

Actress Lisa Riley topped the last weekend’s scoreboard after judges awarded her 30 points.

Victoria Pendleton will dance for her place in the competition on Saturday.

Reporter @BfpEmma will be tweeting live about her performance to join the debate use #BfpVictoria.