UFO mystery in Bury St Edmunds

Mystery surrounds a strange orange object that was spotted in the skies above Bury St Edmunds last week.

The oval-shaped UFO was seen by a Bury man, who did not want to be named, above Angel Hill at around 10.55pm on Thursday.

The man, who was on his way home at the time, said he watched the shape for around five minutes as it moved towards Eastgate Street and Vinefields, before it disappeared from sight.

"It was really eerie," he said. "It wasn't making any noise at all, just going along silently - I'm sure I would have known if it was a plane.

"It was a bit like War of the Worlds."

The incident follows an earlier sighting of a UFO above St Edmundsbury cathedral in December, when a bright orange ball was spotted flying through the sky.

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