Tuddenham residents out to catch speeding drivers

Tuddenham speed watch group with PCSO Tristan Askew ANL-140422-090603001
Tuddenham speed watch group with PCSO Tristan Askew ANL-140422-090603001
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Residents of Tuddenham have come together in an effort to catch motorists ignoring speed limits and turning their village into a ‘rat run’.

A group of residents have joined Suffolk Police’s Community Speed Watch Scheme and will conduct checks at key points in the village.

Tuddenham resident, Karen Soons, said: “People drive in a 30mph limit at 70mph. It’s a rat run.”

At a meeting last week speed watch volunteers said it was only a matter of time before there was a fatality on the village’s roads if no action is taken.

The volunteers will check the speed of motorists and pass the details to police.

Police will issue written warnings on the first two occasions motorists speed. If a driver is caught a third time police will look to take action against them.

Tuddenham resident Adam Tilbrook said the group’s ambition was to make the village a safer place.

He said: “We’re hoping to educate drivers.

“We have had enough of speeding drivers. The scheme is not to be aggressive it’s more to educate.”

The C road through the village joins the A11 with the A14. Volunteers said it receives the traffic of an A road, including a lot of HGVs.

PCSO Tristan Askew met with the group and taught the group to use their new equipment last week.

He said: “The scheme’s aim is not to catch as many vehicles exceeding the speed limit as possible but to reduce speeds in areas of concern by a high visibility presence and to make drivers aware that excessive speed within posted limits is socially unacceptable.

“We have come together with the community of Tuddenham to implement hi-visibility speed monitoring.

“This will also help to improve public perception of how fast vehicles are travelling and build statistics for further police enforcement if and when required.”

Equipment for the scheme was purchased using funding from the locality budgets of Cllrs Rona Burt and Colin Noble.