Travellers expected to leave Nowton Park at the end of the week as council seeks another court order

News from the Bury Free Press
News from the Bury Free Press
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Travellers are expected to leave Nowton Park on Friday (27) or over the weekend after St Edmundsbury Borough Council announced it intends to serve them a section 78 notice with criminal powers to evict.

The council is due to apply for the order at Bury magistrates court tomorrow (26).

It has used the order to get the travellers to move on from other sites around Bury St Edmunds but is still powerless at stopping them from moving onto previously unoccupied sites.

It is still working on an application to the High Court for pre-emptive injunctions banning them from certain sites such as car parks and council land which has an economic or recreational use.

A council spokeswoman said the council already has the power to serve 77 notices with the power to evict but the section 78 orders, which have to be granted by the court, add more weight to the council’s actions as it comes under criminal law.

The notices previously served elsewhere ban the travellers from returning for three months. It is not known if they intend to look for another site within Bury.