Council rejects speed limit plea

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SOMEONE will die on a busy stretch of road unless the speed limit is reduced.

That is the fear of Kay Sallis, chairman of Beck Row, Holywell Row and Kenny Hill Parish Council, after Suffolk County Council rejected the parish council’s request to have the speed limit lowered on the C602/Eriswell Road.

Cllr Sallis said the road, which runs through Holywell Row, had similarities with a nearby stretch of the A1101, the speed limit of which had only been changed after a fatal accident.

That accident saw the deaths of Cortina Hamilton and her three young children and Cllr Sallis said for that to happen again would be unthinkable.

“For 10 years I badgered the council about that part of the road before somebody died there.

“We are very disappointed about this decision because it is going to take the same thing to happen on the Eriswell Road for it to get lowered.

“I don’t want to have to say ‘I told you so’ in a situation like that.”

A spokesman for Suffolk County Council said its speed limits panel had seen no reason to reduce the road’s limit.

“The panel felt the speed limit would not reduce the number or severity of road casualties occurring along the road in question.

“Additionally, the panel considered that there are many other examples of roads with similar collision patterns and that it was not practicable to reduce all the limits.

“An action was left with an officer to review this road again and see if there are any other engineering measures which could be used to reduce road casualties in the future,” she said.

Cllr Sallis said although it would still support a reduction of the speed limit on the road there was now little the parish council could do to fight the decision.