Susan’s poem comes first in competition

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A WOMAN inspired by the encouragement of her mother, who died last year, has won this year’s Relay For Life poetry competition, which the Bury Free Press helped to judge.

Susan Richardson will read her winning entry, The Tide is Turning to a New Tomorrow, aloud during the opening ceremony of the event, which will take place at Ickworth Park, in Horringer, on June 23.

“I’m a bit scared about it but I do amateur dramatics so will just have to use that to pretend I’m someone else for the day,” said the 52-year-old from Hunston.

She added: “I was quite surprised when I won because I really wasn’t expecting to.

“I know my mum would be really pleased with me because she always encouraged me to write poetry and try to get it published.”

To take part in the event, which raises money for Cancer Research UK, call 07515 759478 or email

The Tide Is Turning To A New Tomorrow

The tide is turning to a new tomorrow

There is no time to drown in sorrow now.

For we are rich!; and days do heal

And bring back laughter; teaching us to feel;

To be aware; of brighter hope

To catch the sounds that LIFE evokes

To free inside, that healing space

Which halts the tumult of that frenzied race.

To capture pleasant pictures in our minds

Which help us seek new friends and all that is so true and kind;

Which offers cherished moments pure and sound,

And serves to put our feel so firmly on the ground

The joy of life, those grander. wilder schemes

Are what we must remember in our dreams;

Not darkness, lacking hope and staying low;

For there are countless, precious ways for us to show-

That we are whole and rising to the challenges we know;

Preventing us from letting go, of goals,

To learn, to love, to yearn and to so wonderfully earn

The right to realise happiness at last and to discover

That from the past we can emerge;

And from that slow and tearful path of long endeavour

Rise up and oh so joyfully and gratefully recover!