Success for young Thurston ATC recruits

New cadets at 863 (Thurston) Air Training Corps
New cadets at 863 (Thurston) Air Training Corps

Six new cadets have joined the ranks of 863 (Thurston) Air Training Corps after a successful recruit training camp. Best recruit was Harry MacDonald.

William Goodey, Morgan Smith, Luke Prosser, Connor McMillan, Jake Hayes and Harry MacDonald took part in the training course to teach them the basic skills required by a cadet.

These included drill, map reading, and an introduction to fieldcraft.

They also did initiative exercises to help them build teamwork and leadership and will now go on to junior cadet training which will prepare them for flying.

A final parade was held at the end of the training camp and presentations were made by Flying Officer Adam Martin. Best recruit was Harry MacDonald.

If you would like to join the ATC as a cadet or adult volunteer contact or telephone 01359 232943 or go to Facebook and search for 863 (Thurston) Sqn Air Training Corps