Southgate residents to be asked if they want a 20mph zone

The Southgate area may soon have these
The Southgate area may soon have these
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An area that has campaigned for a 20mph speed limit may be the first to get one under a new county council policy.

Consultation letters are about to go out in the Southgate area of Bury St Edmunds asking residents if they want a 20mph zone created that would cover part of Southgate Street plus Sparhawk Street, Raingate Street and St Botolph’s Lane.

The area’s county councillor Mark Ereira said the money will come from his £8,000 highways budget, which each county councillor has.

He added: “Residents have kindly offered to distribute the letters, so we won’t have to pay for that.

“It’s all now in the hands of the residents. They will now get it if they say they want it.”

Suffolk County Council last month decided to back 20mph zones and limits if they met certain criteria and residents wanted them.

Cllr Ereira said: “I would like Southgate to be the first area to benefit from the new policy. It will cost money but precious little money in the great scheme of things, while making people’s lives better and safer.”

By making it a 20mph zone, rather than applying a speed limit to individual roads, they will only need to put up speed limit signs at the zone boundaries instead of needing to place repeater signs every few metres along the streets.