Sewerage fix could still be 3 years away

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A VILLAGE that has been blighted by blockages, flooding and foul odours from its sewers could have to wait until 2015 for the problem to be fixed.

A councillor has branded Anglian Water’s (AW) commitment to repair sewage problems in Red Lodge as ‘ridiculous’, with residents facing a further three-year wait for issues which began in 2008.

Roger Dicker, Forest Heath councillor for Red Lodge, told AW representatives at a meeting last Friday that residents deserved a quicker response.

“In this day and age people should not have to put up with this and they still are.

“You are not fulfilling what we feel you should be – not legally, but in terms of decency and morality. I think 2015 is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous,” he said.

He added that odours at the pumping station in Herringswell remained, despite being highlighted during a visit by Matthew Hancock MP on January 13.

Andy Newman, Forest Heath’s service manager for environmental health, also pressed AW on what he saw as a lack of detail in their communication with the council.

But Lisa Frosdick, from Anglian Water, said the firm was yet to carry out a ‘risk and value’ assessment on the area.

She said: “We want to make sure we have a programme that feels like it is sorting the issues before we pass over too much detail.”

She added that the company was meeting its duty to provide, maintain and improve the sewerage system.

She added that no issues of flooding had been reported since November.

AW staff will meet on Tuesday to discuss the village’s problems further.

In the meantime, AW hasidentified Warren Road and Boundary Road as priority areas for maintenance, according to Ms Frosdick.