Sales site wins approval 
despite residents’ fears

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A planning application for car and caravan sales space, in Lakenheath, has been approved despite objections from 15 local residents.

On Wednesday evening, Forest Heath District Council’s planning committee approved two planning applications submitted by Brian Rutterford.

One was to change the use of a field to the rear of 154 High Street, Lakenheath, to allow the sale of cars and caravans and the other to allow access to the site from High Street.

Vicky Wright, of High Street, Lakenheath, said: “It was said that the council take local residents’ views into consideration, but the way I see it, they don’t care about us and the impact that this car and caravan sales site will have on us.

“My main worry is the traffic and congestion in the village and the danger to children walking past this new site.

“I feel it is only a matter of time that someone will be hurt.”

Amongst residents’ concerns were increased congestion, the loss of green space to the surrounding residents, the safety of pedestrians using the area and disruption to planned and existing businesses .

A petition with 79 signatures was also submitted against the proposal.

In a letter to the council, Peter and Elizabeth Shepherd, of High Street, reiterated concerns that a further busy access point on the street would pose a risk to road users.

They also expressed concerns about increased air and noise pollution.

Council officers said the application was not considered to have any adverse effect on the character or appearance of the local area, residential amenities or highway safety.

Cllr Andy Drummond, vice-chairman of the committee, said approval had been given for two years rather than the three requested by the applicant.