‘Right,constable, St Nick him’

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You wonder how many students tweeted that their head or principal had been arrested this morning as officers cuffed them and put them in the back of a police van.

But they were in good company, because the 12 people rounded up by special constable volunteers in Bury St Edmunds at the same time included a respected solicitor and the Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore, who was actually caught with evidence of his crime in his hand.

Jail and Bail event for St Nicholas Hospice Care. ANL-140703-113321001

Jail and Bail event for St Nicholas Hospice Care. ANL-140703-113321001

He was charged with drinking too much tea without paying a consumption tax while others’ offences ranged from wearing an orange hoody to spending too much time on Greek beaches, which was hardly fair to West Suffolk College principal Nikkos Savvas, who is Greek.

Vicky Neale, head of Bury’s County Upper School, was charged with foisting off ex-pupils on St Nicholas Hospice Care’s fund raising team, so the others can blame her.

The whole thing had been masterminded by former County Upper pupils Abby Mayes, the hospice’s corporate fund raiser, and Jordan Hughes, its community fund raiser, as a Jail and Bail day with each criminal having to find at least £500 in donations to get bailed from Bury’s Police Investigation Centre.

By the end of the morning it had raised double the minimum £6,000. Abby Mayes said: “Thank you to everyone who agreed to be arrested, put in handcuffs, bundled into a police van and whisked to the Police Investigation Centre.

“I’m happy to say that every one of our suspects raised the £500 bail money they needed to be released, so all 12 are now back on the streets of West Suffolk.

“The fact that Jail and Bail raised £12,000 is amazing. These funds will help the Hospice to support people facing life-shortening illnesses and their families.”

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