Results spark tears and joy for the Class of 2010

The class of 2010 was saluted for an impressive set of A-level results yesterday.

Pupils at County Upper School, in Beetons Way, Bury St Edmunds scored an A*-C pass rate of 85 per cent and an overall pass rate of 99 per cent.

Headteacher Vicky Neale said: "The issue in the news in recent days has been that of students being unable to get into university. I am delighted that the overwhelming majority of our students are going on to the university of their choice."

Jonathan Soman, 18, of Bury, received three A*s and an A. He is going to Oxford to read music.

He said: "I am shocked and relieved."

Elodie Limer, 18, of Bury, gained two A*s and two As. She is planning to study chemistry at Oxford.

"I am just so relieved," she said.

Laura Anders, 18, of Bury, got two A*s and two As. She is off to Oxford to read English.

"I was really shocked because I didn't really think I had done that well," she said.

At Thurston Community College, there was an A*-C pass rate of 75 per cent and 97.9 per cent overall pass rate.

Vice-principal Paul Potter said: "We have many individuals from top to bottom who have worked incredibly hard. We are very pleased with the results."

Ellie Haynes, 18, got three 3 A*s and 3 As. She said: "It is a big relief as I didn't expect anything like this." She is going to study at the London School of Economics.

Charlotte Messer, 18, who gained one A*, three As and one B, will study history at York.

"I haven't been able to stop shaking - I don't think I slept for about a week with all the build up," she said.

At King Edward VI School, in Bury, the A*-C pass rate was 81 per cent and the overall pass rate was 99 per cent

Headteacher Geoff Barton said: "These results are a credit to their hard work and commitment, the support of their parents and the great teaching they have received. We salute the class of 2010."

Keaton Howes, 17, of Bury, got three A*s and is going to Sheffield University to study architecture.

"It feels good and a bit of a relief," he said.

Charlotte Wright, 18, of Bury, who gained an A* and two As, is going to Southampton to study medicine, with ambitions of becoming a doctor.

"I can enjoy the rest of my summer now," she said.

At St Benedict's Upper School, in Bury, the A*-C pass rate was 80 per cent and the overall pass rate was 100 per cent.

Headteacher Hugh O'Neill said: "Once again, students at St Benedict's have done themselves proud. I'm delighted for all of them - not only the ones with headline-grabbing scores, but all of our students who have worked hard to achieve the best they could."

Xiao-Xiao and Da-Da Quin, 18-year-old twins from Bury, are going to Cambridge after getting eight A*s and two As between them.

Da-Da said: "I feel on top of the world. The secret is to work hard and go to St Benedict's.

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The teachers were amazing, they helped us so much."

Xiao Xiao: "We are very competitive, but I think that's helped us."

At Stowupland High School, the A*-C pass rate was 75 per cent and the overall pass rate was 100 per cent

Headteacher Karen Grimes said: "The demands on students at this level are extremely high and I think we should be celebrating their excellent results, which are the result of an incredible amount of hard work on the part of staff and students."

Friends John and Ben Lawrence and Chris Ince were celebrating results that will see them all heading to university next month.

Ben, who picked up two A*s and two As, will be studying maths at Warwick. John secured a place at Bath to read maths with an A* and three As, while Chris is due to study mechanical engineering at Nottingham after gaining two As and two Bs.

At Stowmarket High School there was an overall pass rate of 97.1 per cent and 71.9 per cent scored A*-C grades.

Headteacher Keith Penn said: "A lot of students have worked their socks off for this and it is a very proud day."

Beth Jennings, 18, was celebrating some top results after picking up two A*s and an A, but she said she was not planning to go to university, choosing instead to focus on her career as an artist.

"I was a little bit nervous, but more nervous for all my friends who are going off to university," she said.

Mildenhall College of Technology achieved a 92 per cent pass rate with 42 per cent passing with A*-C grades.

Headteacher Susan Byles said: "The pass rate does not meet college targets but was not unexpected as this cohort were weaker on entry than in previous years."

Opening his envelope to a bright future was James Connery, 19, of Cricks Road, West Row, who was the highest performing A-level students with an A*, two As and a B. He will study biomedical sciences at University College London. He said: "It's been a long journey but all the work paid off."

At Thomas Paine Sixth Form, in Thetford, of the 35 students there was an A*-C pass rate of 43 per cent and an overall pass rate of 74 per cent. They had two A* pupils.

Carolyn Dunn, sixth form director, said: "We have more students going to university now than ever."

High-scoring students were Tom Parkington with three As and Charlote Cumby with an A*, B and C.

Rachel Brown, 18, who wants to be a teaching assistant, said: "I am really happy with my results, I am really shocked. I want to be a teaching assistant." She gained a C and two Ds.

Methwold High School matched last year's overall pass rate of 96 per cent, although its A*-C pass rate fell to 50 per cent.

Its top four students were Georgie Nelson with three Bs, Gemma Chilvers with two Bs and two Cs, Stacey Cobbold with an A, B and C and Jonathan Grinsell with a B and two Cs. Only 20 students sat exams.

A school spokeswoman said: "We are very pleased with our results and we have achieved above our target."

Thetford Grammar School scored an overall pass rate of 100 per cent and a A*-C pass rate of 88 per cent.

At Culford School, there was an 84 per cent A*-C pass rate with 99 per cent overall pass rate.

Results spark tears and joy for the Class of 2010

by Bury Free Press reporters

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PLEASED: A-level students get their results at Thomas Paine Sixth Form, in Thetford MBFP-19-08-10 LE 004 Picture by Leanne Ehren

CAMBRIDGE-BOUND: St Benedict's Catholic School student Orlando Lazar-Gillard is flanked by twins Da-Da and Xiao Xiao QinMBFP-19-08-10 MM 014 Picture by Mecha Morton