Renewed calls for Bury St Edmunds MP to stand down

David Ruffley
David Ruffley
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While Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley has remained silent over claims he assaulted a woman, there have been renewed calls for him to resign from public office.

Last week it emerged the former shadow police minister had, in March, accepted a police caution for assault, with a national newspaper claiming he had spent ‘a night in the cells’ after a domestic incident involving a woman.

Women‘s rights group the Bury Fawcett Society was the first to call for him to stand down, but this week Simon Pott, former vice-chairman of the Bury Conservative Association, has echoed that call.

He said: “I have known David Ruffley since he came to Bury. I do not mind that this may be a bad time for an election – I believe he has stepped over the mark by a significant margin and that is totally unacceptable.

“He should resign at once and go off to undertake charity work in whichever place will harness his undoubted talents. His place could be taken by someone who has the ability to achieve high office, which is now denied to him.”

He added: “The lack of an apology, the lack of an ability to say anything to anybody, including the press and media generally, I find that unbelievable. What does the chap think he’s doing?”

Mr Ruffley has remained unavailable for comment.