Rebel Ruffley votes for EU referendum amendment

David Ruffley
David Ruffley
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Bury St Edmunds MP David Ruffley was one of 116 Conservatives who supported an EU referendum vote in the Commons on Wednesday.

A total of 133 MPs voted in favour of an amendment to the Queen’s Speech regretting the lack of an EU Referendum bill in the government’s legislative programme.

Before entering the chamber Mr Ruffley said he wanted to send a ‘clear signal’ to the deputy prime minister and to the rest of Europe that the British people must have their say on EU membership.

“Mr Cameron may find it uncomfortable but my job is to represent the views of my constituents,” he said. “They want their voice heard — it’s raised in surgeries, when I’m meeting people, in emails and in letters.

“It should be put on the statute that a referendum will be, not might be, held.”

He said Europe has changed since the 1975 referendum and added: “It’s common sense to ask the British people whether they consent to membership of a completely different European animal.”