READERS’ PICTURES: From the Bury Free Press of Friday, August 15

Readers' poetry
Readers' poetry

This week’s poem, called Up for Grabs, is by Matt Carter.

No matter how quickly I run around

And despite all the effort put in

I can’t seem to shift the unsightly mound

That grows two feet under my chin

I exercise daily by walking to work

And star-jump whenever I can

I’ve taken up judo and learnt how to twerk

(Though I’m told that I dance like my Nan)

I’m always on the cross trainer at nights

While I catch up with all of my soaps

And I’ve booked a few days in the Austrian heights

To burn off some fat on the slopes

My diary is full of Triathlon events

My shed houses steppers and weights

And I’m planning to get – if my partner consents –

Some new chin-up bars fixed to our gates

If a personal trainer came round here right now

To assess the commitment I’m giving

I’m sure I’d be told that I’ve got the know-how

That’s essential for good, healthy living

So why have I still got wobbly spare tyres

When I should have washboard-like abs?

I’d like a physique that my loved one admires

Not one that’s just up for grabs….

….Well, enough of this moaning, it’s muffins for brunch

And that breakfast fry-up was a winner!

I’m thinking of having a burger for lunch,

With some lush battered Mars Bars for dinner!