Reactions ahead of two tier education decision for Bury St Edmunds

Geoff Barton
Geoff Barton
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Suffolk County Council’s cabinet is recommended to press ahead with Bury’s two tier overhaul after a consultation revealed a majority were in favour of the plans.

The authority is also backing the National Education Trust to set up a new 11-16 academy on Moreton Hall.

The transition to two-tier is being overseen by the Bury Schools Partnership.

A spokesman for the Suffolk Action for Truth on SOR, which has called for alternatives to two-tier, said: “It has been clear from the outset that it (the council) is determined to drive through general policy rather than look at local specifics. As we see it, the only workable solution for Bury now is three all-through pyramids under the three upper schools.”

Geoff Barton, head at King Edward VI, which is part of the partnership, welcomed the two-tier proposals.

He said: “The priority now must be for all schools in and around Bury to work closely together. It’s the children who matter most in all of this.”

Joy Stodart, the council’s project lead for SOR, said: “The consultation we have conducted has been thorough and it is on the basis of the results, and the fact they are in line with our published policies, that we are making these recommendations to councillors.” The cabinet will meet on Tuesday.