Prickly problem for hedgehog volunteers

Elle Havis, is seeking winter homes for immature hedghogs
Elle Havis, is seeking winter homes for immature hedghogs
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A group of volunteers who help underweight hedgehogs survive the winter need help themselves.

This year’s odd weather has meant too many young hedgehogs have not made the weight necessary for them to hibernate and with more than 30 prickly patients to care for they are at capacity.

Volunteer Elle Havis said: “We’re having a lot of babies coming in at 124gm to 164gm and they need to be 650gm to be released.”

They are looking for more volunteers who can take on the easier babies who do not need special treatment or medication. Elles says you need a secure cage, because they climb, and a quiet place to put them that is neither heated nor too cold; about 17 degrees C is ideal.

You also need some gardening gloves to handle them and scales to weigh them, as well as a supply of wet or dry cat food, not milk and bread.

Elle added: “They must be cleaned out every day because they’re very messy. They do whiff, too.

“Most of the ones we have won’t have fleas and hedgehog fleas are species specific.”

If you can take one on, text Elle on 07725 130203.