Police warning over illegal Easter raves

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LANDowners have been warned to be on their guard for illegal raves over the Easter weekend.

Suffolk Police, working with landowners, the Forestry Commission and Farmwatch, have offered security advice in the run up to the holiday and urged people to report suspicious activities – such as trespassers taking an interest in what could be a potential rave site, or people going on to land with vans suitable for transporting sound equipment.

Chief Superintendent David Skevington said: “Early information from the public is critical if we are to prevent a rave from taking place. If we get reliable and timely information about where and when an event is being set up, generally we can get to the site, identify the organisers and seize sound and other equipment before the rave begins.”

He said that once a rave had started and large numbers of people were there, the police could only monitor it to ensure the safety of people there and of vehicles approaching the site, but he stressed organisers would still be identified and prosecuted.

Chief Supt Skevington added: “Historically, we have seen illegal raves being held over bank holiday weekends. I want to warn anyone who is considering organising a rave that they will face prosecution. We will also seek to prosecute anyone attending a rave who commits other offences, such as damage.

“And for those who are hoping to attend an illegal rave, I urge them to be mindful that these events are not well organised and are often linked to drug associated criminality.

“Illegal rave organisers have little concern for the health, safety and welfare of those attending; for the local residents, who are affected by the noise, rave-related anti-social behaviour and impact on the environment or for the landowner left with litter and damage.”

Anyone with information on a rave or who sees suspicious activity should contact the police on 101.