Poetry please! March 8

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We have three contributions from poets this week.

The Clouds are Leaking Colours

and they’re slowly leaking through
above the snow extending over
these stretched-out Fenland fields

morning’s keen light

Beside matt blue grey water
a pre-dawn frost astonished
the reeds, and turned them sere;
then they dipped towards the waste-weir
How these chill nights have admonished
the vole to sleep within its bank
since degrees of air warmth shrank.

Gillian fisher

Time to Rhyme!

A poem’s not a poem

if it simply doesn’t rhyme,

In my book the odd line of words

is just a waste of time,

If sentences all end with words

that have no rhyme or reason,

The poet’s not a poet

and he should be tried for treason!

It is a skill worth working on

to think of words that fit,

Instead of endings with a preposition,

such as ‘it’,

So if you can’t be bothered

to make sentences that rhyme,

Your poem’s not a poem,

it is ‘literary’ a crime.

Paula Sunshine

the bury free press

The Bury Free Press is a must
At 95 pence I’ll go bust
The letters are smashin’
The ads bring the cash in
The articles are like gold dust

Dorothy Peckham

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