Poetry Please - March 29

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This week’s poem, Special Delivery, is by Audrey Pamplin

Someone just delivered Summer to my door

I didn’t have to sign for it or pay a penny more

It came in pretty packaging, the wrapping a delight

With colours of the rainbow, it really was a sight.

A CD of bird song that woke me every morn

A video of wheat fields that turn to golden corn

On DVD a copy of the Chelsea Flower Show

With ideas for my garden, whatever shall I grow?

A parcel packed with garden birds nesting busily

And butterflies & ladybirds & wasps & honeybees

Centre court at Wimbledon with strawberries & cream

A crateful of cold beers, or a picnic on the green.

A brochure showing holidays with sun & sea & sand

Of days out by the seaside & ice cream in my hand

And barbeques & swimming pools & lazing in the sun

Moaning `bout the heat wave, when will the Winter come?

Even when it does, I’ll not forget this day

When Summer was delivered & I didn’t have to pay!

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