Poetry Please – February 8

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This week’s poem is Don’t Tread on the Cracks by Julie Sea-Borne

Don’t tread on the cracks, Mary Jane,

If you fall, we’ll have to make a claim.

And hanging baskets must go, it’s been said,

That one might fall on someone’s head.

At school, Mary Jane, attend teacher well,

And if she upsets you, run home and tell.

Then, perhaps, we can sue the school,

For breaking some necessary PC rule.

Conkers are banned, just think of the danger.

At Christmas don’t sing Away in a Manger.

It’s simply not fair to the ethnic minority,

And not causing offence is our top priority.

On sports day, Mary Jane, don’t bother to try.

If there are no losers, then no child will cry.

Don’t run, play or jump in case you trip.

Don’t climb trees in case your clothes you rip.

Stranger danger is everywhere you see,

So your childhood must be spent in captivity.

You must be alert, Mary Jane, be very afraid,

And don’t eat wild berries, they’ll have been sprayed.

Your life will be full of things to be done,

So many activities, there’ll be no time for fun.

And as for that breakdown brought on by stress,

Don’t worry, we’ll get you the best child therapist.

So take a good look at this world we have made.

Where no one is happy and everyone’s afraid.

Where no one ever fails, so no one ever succeeds,

A world without flowers, just millions of identical weeds.

So what do you mean by crying, oh, have we done?

What happened to laughter, what happened to fun?

You should thank us, Mary Jane, we did it all for you.

But don’t tread on the cracks, you just might fall right through.

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