Poetry Please – February 15

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This week’s Poetry Please contributions come from Wilf Daniells.


As Daisies on the rubbish heap keep growing,

Faces turned toward the Sun

When dug unwanted from the lawn,

These Men, their life still flowing

Hoping that their turn will come,

Flower unseen, proud and forlorn

Out of sight, Out of the garden,

Not needed in the Master Plan.

Bullace Wine

Let’s go where the Bullace grows

In the countryside hedgerows

Find Bullace yellow, Bullace black

Just pick them all and bring them back

Blanch them soak them, strain the juice

Dump the pulp it has no use

Add spices, sugar, stir it right

Let it stand, so, through the night

Mix with yeast, all in a jug

Cover up to foil the Bug

That’s waiting in the air to shock

To vinegar what’s in the crock

Leave three weeks to ferment fast

Let it settle at the last

Then syphon off from drying yeast

And store in bottles for a feast

One year later we will find

Wine is mellow, smooth and kind

Now sip and taste and drink with me

And praise the lonely Bullace tree.

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